Basketball Court Renovation

Alex and his helpers coordinated the renovation of the Arden Road Elementary basketball court. The outdoor basketball court was 30 years old,and in bad shape. The nets were missing, the asphalt was cracking, small rocks were all over the court, the backboards were faded, and there were no lines on the court.

Alex attended Arden Road and played on the court during PE, recess and after school. He remembers how many kids fell on the court and hurt themselves due to slipping on the small rocks from the crumbling asphalt.

He had a vision that this court could be rehabilitated and improved so the future students of Arden Road would have a better place to play. Alex knew that this was the project that he wanted to do, since it would affect hundred of kids each day.

During this year long project, the court was seal-coated, rims, backboards and basketball free-throw lines were painted. Hopscotch and four-square games were added to the court, and the school logo was painted in the middle of the court.

This project was a perfect fit for Alex. It was a way to give back to the Arden Road teachers who loved him so much and provided him with such a wonderful education while he was a student here. It was also a way to pay it forward to the current and future students of the elementary school he truly loved.

— Alex, Troop 87, Amarillo, Tex.


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  1. This young man is amazing. It was a big project to undertake and plan out. Congratulations on seeing that it was completed. Job well done!

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