Made Animal Beds From Fire Hoses for Animal Shelter

Justin and his helpers made four animal beds out of old firehoses, two of them being constructed solely by himself with the help of his parents and a neighbor to learn the procedure. Unfortunately, these two beds were destroyed when Justin’s family lost their home to a fire that left their house totally destroyed.

Along with the benefactor (Black Pine Animal Sanctuary), the local Lowe’s Home Improvement and many Scouters, leaders, neighbors and family members, Justin was able to replace all the lumber, fasteners and firehoses that he lost in the home fire. They rebuilt the two beds that were lost in the fire and build the remaining two beds.

The beds were built by taking old, retired firehoses, cutting them up and interlacing them to create the place the animal lays or sits on. It is then mounted on wood boards and secured by screws. The assembled beds will be then transported from the construction site in Kokomo to Black Pine Animal Sanctuary. Once the beds are delivered, the Black Pine staff will sanitize the beds and then place them wherever designated by the lead person on site.

— Justin, Troop 527, Kokomo, Indiana


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