Built a House for a Veteran

Two years ago, Tim Maron heard a story about tiny-house communities in the South.

“The thought occurred to me that I could create a tiny house in my area for someone in need,” he says.

Tim, who has grandfathers, uncles and cousins who served in the military, wanted to build a tiny house for a veteran.

“Veterans served our country and were willing to give the ultimate sacrifice, only to return home to homelessness or poverty,” he says. “I felt the house should be created to give back to the veteran community.”

After raising $55,000 and working tirelessly to lead a team of volunteers, the house was completed in 2019. Rich Kisner, executive director of project beneficiary Community Strategies Group, told a local TV station that he had worked on housing projects before but had never experienced anything like this.

“He did all the work,” Kisner says of Tim, who was 17 when the project was completed.

For building a home from scratch for a Pennsylvania veteran, the Eagle Scout from Troop 300 of Hobbie, Pa., received the 2020 Adams Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award for the Northeast Region.

— Tim, Troop 300, Hobbie, Pa.

Read more about his project on the Scouting magazine blog or watch Boys’ Life‘s live interview with Tim:


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