Cages for Young Oysters

Built 94 cages for young Oysters. The cages are made of coated wire and clipped together with hog rings. The dimensions of the cages are 9x9x18 inches. The cages were cut and assembled in Centreville, VA. and transported to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Cloucester Point, VA location. The Oysters are allowed to mature, free from harm in the cages, and then later on, will be inserted into the environment.

Noah and his helpers built 94 cages for young oysters out of coated wire and hog rings. After they were cut and assembled in Centreville, Va., they were transported to a facility owned by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in Gloucester Point, Va.

The cages will allow oysters to mature free from harm, before being released into the wild.

— Noah, Troop 893, Centreville, Va.


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