Organized Walk for Suicide Awareness

Ashton and his helpers organized a walk to raise awareness about suicide. Ashton lost his best friend, Cimarron, to suicide, when she passed away at age 12.

Over 150 participants showed up at the walk at Riverview Park in Clinton County. The community came together and raised over $3,000 towards the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

“The goal was to honor Cimarron and spread awareness of suicide, suicide prevention and to make anyone considering suicide aware of the services available to them,” Ashton said. “If we save just one person, if we prevent one suicide and save one life, that’s the goal.”

— Ashton, Troop 66, Woolrich, Pa.



  1. A bit different, but very personal. When you ask how do I turn my pain into action, do this.

    • Yes it was a unique eagle scout project… It kinda my way of saying goodbye to her. And earned me the rank of eagle scout

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