Created Audio Tour of Local Trail

Grant and his helpers created a 20-minute audio tour of a trail at the Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve near Buffalo, New York.

Visitors to the park can now use their phone as their guide on the Lily Pond Loop Trail of the preserve. They simply point their phone’s camera at the trail head and are treated to an informative and interesting audio tour showcasing all the highlights of their natural surroundings.

You can listen to the audio/video tour below.

— Grant, Troop 27, Clarence, N.Y.



  1. Hi Grant, My son is interested in doing a somewhat similar project and we’d like to get in touch, if possible. Have no idea if you will see this! Thanks!

  2. Hello there Grant! Congratulations!
    Can we get some tips on this project please. My son is interested in this kind of project too.

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