Foldable Tables for Robotics Teams

Aaraj and his helpers built and donated two tables to local robotics programs. The foldable, portable and lightweight tables were made out of durable and recyclable material to support the growing robotics programs at Floris Elementary school and Children’s Science Center of Northern Virginia.

FIRST® LEGO® League robotics tables consist of a field mat with mission models arranged on top. The specially designed tables have raised borders that are built to specific measurements. Traditional FLL tables are heavy, immovable, and big. Since the tables use floor space year-round, even when the FLL season is over and teams are not practicing, most schools that run a robotics program often invest in only one table for teams to share.

For his project, Aaraj built three-piece folding, lightweight and portable FLL tables that can be easily taken apart in less than a minute without any special tools and stored vertically taking minimal floor space. This space-saving design allows storage of more tables. It also frees up the floor space for other activities once the season is over.

— Aaraj, Troop 1983, Great Falls, Va.



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