Garden Dedicated to Military Servicemen and Women

Daniel and his helpers built a garden honoring all active-duty military servicemen and women who dedicate their lives to serve and protect

There are five trees in the garden, representing each branch of the military. It was built in the center of town where the community gathers for many local events.

— Daniel, Troop 47, Westwood, N.J.



  1. I’ve seen you pull this project together from beginning to end. It took you about 2 years and around 100 hours of work into it. It’s a great addition to Veterans Park and so nice to have a place to go to honor our Active Military. The town will be installing 2 beneches that are donated by local families. Amazing Job!

  2. Dearest Daniel,(Troop 47)
    I am very proud of you and your wonderful tribute
    to our five branches of the military. The men and women
    who this beautiful garden is dedicated to will have
    memories that will always be there in the middle of
    Westwood to come and reflect .
    I can only imagine how much work,thought and design
    that has gone into this from beginning to end.
    I know you will have many challenges
    in your life’s journey and will accomplish them
    with great spirit.
    Thanking you and all who helped make this garden that is dedicated to our military come to life..

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