Restored Historic Cemetery

Zachary and his helpers restored the historic Rector Cemetery in Manor, Texas. The project took more than 250 hours of work from more than 25 scouts, local Free Masons, and ancestors of the Texans buried there.

The Rector Cemetery was established in 1855 and became the resting place for many others until its final addition in 1957.

The history of the lives represented is a cross section of the pre- and post-Civil War era. They include early settlers who traveled in covered wagons, Confederate War veterans, druggists, Masons Lodge founders, retired Judges, farmers, ranchers, elected officials, plantation owners, farm hands, and James Manor’s first wife, Phoebe. She traveled with her husband from Tennessee to negotiate with area Native American Indian tribes on behalf of President Andrew Jackson.

Almost half of those buried are children under the age of 10, and half of those were infants, which is representative of the hardships and difficulties these founding Texans endured.

— Zachary, Troop 214, Pflugerville, Texas


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