Built Exhibit to Honor Heroes of D-Day

Christopher organized and led a team that designed and constructed a permanent D-Day exhibit at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, Pa., the U.S. Army’s primary historical research facility.

The exhibit, called “Liberation Pointe,” includes full-scale replica bronze statues of two soldiers landing on the beaches of Normandy. The statues are enclosed in a pentagon of marble — with each side representing a different D-Day beach and displaying what took place there, including eyewitness accounts from three veterans.

The exhibit was completed in 2019 during the 75th anniversary year of the D-Day invasion. Christopher and his team worked for 18 months, and the project involved nearly $200,000 in donated labor and materials.

For his remarkable efforts to memorialize this part of history and educate others, Christopher received the 2021 Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams Service Project of the Year Award. Read more about his project on the Scouting magazine blog.

— Christopher, Troop 88, Mechanicsburg, Pa.


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