Renovated Stairs at Community Garden

Jared and his helpers renovated a slope at the upper entrance of the Danny Woo Community Garden in Seattle’s International District.

Ran by InterimCDA, a non-profit organization, the Danny Woo Community Garden “serves ~70 low-income elders in the neighborhood, predominately Asian and Pacific Islander immigrants and refugees… the garden is a vital source of food security and physical and emotional health” for these underprivileged elderly people.

Jared’s project replaced a set of unsafe and eroded stairs with new steps (25 in total). Not only are they much safer for the elderly population to walk on, but they also beautify the site and are much more welcoming in appearance. The stairs will hopefully promote greater attention to the garden from the local community so it can serve the elderly population better.

— Jared, Troop 254, Seattle, Wash.


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