Needy School in Armenia


There’s no requirement for Eagle projects to be completed within the United States. So when a teacher told Alexander Suppiah about a needy school in Asia, Alex knew he had found his project.

He would build a fence, two outhouses, a library, a playground and a soccer field at the school in Akhpradzor, Armenia.

There was just one problem: Alex doesn’t speak Armenian. Luckily, several of the volunteers he worked with did, so he relied on them to serve as his interpreters and got to work.

Alex raised nearly $13,000 from a garage sale and gifts from family and friends. He even chipped in a third of the allowance he’d been saving since he was 7 years old.

Once in Armenia, Alex split the volunteers into five groups, each with a leader. At breakfast each morning, he met with the leaders to set a goal for the day. Then he trusted them to do their jobs.

“It was nice to be in charge of such an impactful project that brought young and old people from seven different countries together,” Alex says. “We all had one common goal, which is to make these kids happy.”

— Alexander, Troop 75, Los Altos, Calif.


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