Restored Bikes for Needy Kids and Adults


The wheels began to turn for Barrett England when he heard about Karma Bike Shop, a place where young people can earn a free bike by reading and performing community service.

Barrett visited Karma’s owner with his idea for an Eagle project: He would collect and restore used bikes and donate them to the shop.

He expected to get about 10 donated bikes. In the end, Barrett and his team of nine volunteers received 39. They restored the bikes and donated them to Karma, along with additional bike parts. The donations even included some full-sized bikes, which allowed Karma to give bikes to older teens and adults who lacked reliable transportation to work.

Barrett wanted to recognize the people who donated bikes for his project, so he made a tag for each bike that told its new owner about the donor.

“We will likely never meet the kids that work for and receive these bikes,” he says, “but they will know who to thank — if only in thought.”

— Barrett, Troop 432, Holladay, Utah



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