Revitalized an Outdoor Classroom

Hasan and his helpers revitalized an outdoor classroom. The project consisted of installing a roof and rain collection system, repainting the benches and pergola structure, building organizational shelving for the tool shed, permanently clearing the floor of weeds and adding a new layer of mulch, and installing a new whiteboard.

The outdoor classroom renovation will allow for the students of Amana Academy Charter School to have more outdoor learning days in which they can sit outside under the pergola and enjoy fresh air.

The benches and structure have had new coats of paint and other improvements but perhaps the item that will be the biggest impact is the roof. The roof will now shade the students from the sun as well as the rain as the students sit outside and work on their assignments on outdoor learning days. Additionally, the roof now has a rain collection system which will allow for the school to store water on site as the classroom is right next to the gardens. The faucet can be easily used and will allow for students to conveniently water their plants instead of relying on the two hundred foot hose which would previously have to had been dragged from up the road.

— Hasan, Troop 12, Alpharetta, Ga.


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