Built Memorial Park for Project Remember

Bailey and his helpers built a Project Remember memorial. They removed all dead and damaged foliage and replaced it with new planting, and they had park lights fixed and added solar lights.

They had 14 crosses and one Star of David hand-cast and placed in the park with plates depicting name, birth and death, rank, branch and emblem. The plates were placed in front of each memorial for fallen soldiers from their town. They also acquired two 10-ton onyx monuments depicting VE day and VJ day and poured 6x5x6 bases for them.

Bailey led the group in making and placing a new composite sign depicting the park’s name, and creating a walkway in front of existing monuments to make them more accessible to be read. Finally, they powerwashed all of the concrete and brick areas in park.

— Bailey, Troop 49, Eatontown, N.J.


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