Restored Historic Wayside Chapel

Michael and his helpers restored a wayside chapel located on Highway 2 between Monroe and Sultan, Wash. The chapel was originally built to provide travelers with a place to “Pause, Rest, Worship” on their way to the 1962 World’s Fair.

During Michael’s project, they moved the church over four feet to a new concrete foundation, and they replaced the skids, windows and flooring. They also reframed and repaired the door, replaced the entrance landing, and repaired and painted the pews and pulpit. They replaced the lighting fixtures and updated all the electrical in the chapel, repaired the exterior wall, repainted the interior and exterior, repaired and repainted the steeple, added gutters and replaced the sign. Finally, they located the original cross (it was lost during a storm five years prior to Michael’s project), had it powder coated and installed it on the chapel.

— Michael, Troop 148, Monroe, Wash.


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